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What does it take to sell a product successfully online?

Michele Carelse - Clinical Psychologist & Natural Health Expert


Yes, your website must look professional and you need to do all the right things with regard to SEO, not to mention every trick in the book when it comes to social media marketing and other online marketing efforts. You have to have a great product or service and your customer service must be sterling. But you know all of that, don't you? 

I am an experienced Clinical Psychologist as well as a successful entrepreneur and business owner in my own right (Have a look at FEELGOOD HEALTH - my online health range) 

Like you, I know most of the tricks in the trade! However, I have an advantage over other business owners. My training and experience as a Psychologist has taught me that you need to not only SELL to people, you need to SPEAK to them too! You need an understanding of their needs and what makes them tick. 

This is where one of my talents lies. I know how to talk to people (YOUR customers) and I know how to hear them. I know how to present your product and your brand to them in a way that helps them to make the decision to purchase - and if you do all your other jobs correctly - I know how to speak to them so that they bond with your brand, develop trust and keep coming back - not to mention referring their friends and family!

Apart from my PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, FORMULATION & MANUFACTURING SKILLS in the natural health market, this is what I can also bring to your brand:

  • Extensive expert knowledge and experience in the natural health field
  • In-depth understanding of consumers in the natural health market 
  • Excellent creative and business writing skills
  • Quick turn-around time to get your products off the ground
  • More than 20 years experience building both my own and my clients natural health businesses from the ground up into thriving businesses with a loyal customer base

You're still reading, aren't you?

Your customers would be too!

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